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Sagan’s Puppy Training

Sweet to my heart, this category is specific to my own new dog, Sagan.

My two dogs meeting for the very first time.

Braveheart and Sagan meeting. Sagan is less than 6 weeks in this picture.

Sagan is a male English Shepherd, just shy of 12 weeks of age at the time this Blog and DogStar’s site is being launched.

I will share in various parts of Sagan‘s upbringing and hope that it generates some interest, discussions. Some by way of examples of other people’s experiences with raising their own pup.

Consider at this time that this section will be about Sagan’s first year of life. And the very first post will be coming very soon!


I am looking for lots of input and stories here!
Sagan and I thank you,

About Eric

Professional dog trainer 20+ years experience. All breeds and personalities. Private instruction, available in your home and in the real world. Instruction for dog and owners alike. Located in Southern Connecticut but work the broader the region, including New York City, New York State (southern), Northern NJ and most all of CT... To infinity and beyond!


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